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"If you scroll down after these comments, you will find relevant advice and FREE downloadable documents i.e. resume information, a basic resume sample and a blank layout template. However, in my experience, when individuals have used this information from the free samples, they have still needed help with professional editing i.e. layout, content and suggested changes etc., in order to improve the overall presentation and effectiveness of their resume. So to make it easier for people to gain access to a professional resumewriter, without having to spend too much money, I suggest using my resume critique service from only AUS $50. For clients who elect to do their resumes themselves, using the samples below, I can edit your resumes for an hourly fee of Aust. $25 per hr., which can help to reduce costs, instead of paying for a new resume from $200 to $300+. Please view/download the FREE samples below to help or contact me on 0401 744 457. Alternatively listen to this short audio from a radio breakfast broadcast with Pulse 94.1FM called "Job Readiness - Resumes". Click on link to hear my advice on radio Rob Readiness 2 Audio - Resumes.mp3  

Sharon Cousins t/as Ready Resumes (Wollongong, NSW, Australia)


Ready Resumes (NSW, Australia) has developed a "Resume Information" page (A4 size), which helps to gather the important details of a client's history (employment, work experience, achievements, qualifications, education etc.), in order to create a resume.  When clients provide their full information to Ready Resumes, this greatly assists the process in creating a professional resume. Please click the link below and open to view the resume information (checklist) page.

Resume Information: Resumes - Resume Information Checklist.pdf

Ready Resumes has also been able to develop a highly successful resume layout, which was originally created by LifeClever (an Internet website). Ready Resumes improved the original layout by adding some innovative enhancements, which has resulted in success for clients of Ready Resumes (see Testimonials webpage) and has since been downloaded by many people across the world. Click the link, then open the document (wait for it to download fully) and then view a basic resume sample. Copyright Sharon Cousins t/as Ready Resumes (NSW) 2011-Present

Resume Basic Sample: Resumes FREE Resume Sample.pdf

For anyone interested in creating their own resume for free, please click on the link below to view a downloadable resume blank template. This template shows an innovative resume layout, specifically created by Ready Resumes, which is available for FREE universal use. To assist with completing the template, please read the "Resume Informationand view the "Resume Basic Sample" (as mentioned above), which will give you an idea of what is needed to create a good resume. Then, click on the resume template link below, to view a 3 page MS Word document (blank format). If you want to use this template for yourself, save the document and then type in your own information. 

Resume Template: Resumes downloadable resume blank template.pdf

CONTACTReady Resumes (NSW, Australia) on Mobile 0401  744  457 

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